The Importance Of Treating People Has Enthralled Me Since Childhood Essay

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The idea of treating people has enthralled me since childhood. This became my path when I had the chance to volunteer in a health camp conducted through an NGO, where I worked at the side of highly talented doctors. Fascinated by their knowledge, I aspired to be among them. When our clinical rotations began in 2nd year, I became naturally drawn to spending time in the medicine ward. Often arriving early in the mornings before general rounds, I would strive to elicit meticulous patient histories and perform exemplary clinical examinations. Watching how small changes in the presenting signs and symptoms could lead to different occurrence of various disease, I acquired immense interest in learning the concepts of disease pathology.

Internal Medicine stood out for an array of reasons, it seemed the only field that could satisfy my vast curiosity, lend new answers in comprehensive treatment, and, thus bring me closer to the goals I hold as physician. It trains a physician to solve the puzzling problems in multi-system pathologies and it is the field which gives the opportunity to choose a wide range of subspecialties with open eyes and a clarity of mind. It is encompassed by many physiological systems and through its study, I was often astonished on how multiple systems were involved in the pathology of a single disease. What I found equally compelling was how the physicians discussed a patient in entirety, starting from diagnosis and treatment of the illness to offering

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