The Importance Of Two Readiness Noncommissioned Officer

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Just a year and a half in the Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) program, I had the unique opportunity to apply for two Readiness Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) positions at the same time, one at the 617th Military Police (MP) Company in Richmond, Kentucky (KY) and the other at the 1103rd MP Detachment (DET) Law & Order in Harrodsburg, KY. Both Sergeant First Class (SFC) positions were vacant due to the Kentucky Army National Guard (KYARNG) gaining force structure in 2002. I was just a Sergeant (SGT) at the time occupying a Staff Sergeant (SSG) position in a detachment located in Frankfort. A position that I was hired into straight off the street so to speak; I was a Traditional Soldier, also known as a weekend warrior. I knew it was early in my AGR career, but I was like why not apply, all they can do is say no, bend my dog tags, and thank me for applying. As luck would have it, so I am told I didn’t win either board, but was runner up to SSG Marshall Ware. SSG Ware was chosen to take on the 617th, so by default I was offered the position at the 1103rd. I received the call in December of 2002 from my Administrative Officer (AO) asking if I was interested in the position and I accepted. A Sergeant, brand new AGR Soldier, just offered a SFC position, not to mention that the paragraph and line was the actual Detachment Sergeant of the unit.
Starting Out I remember it well, I hadn’t even cleared my old unit and leaders of the 1103rd were already calling asking
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