The Importance Of Understanding The English Language In 'History For Dollars'

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An article published by the New York Times, “History for dollars” by David Brooks, emphasizes the importance of understanding the English language. He suggests that you major in English and liberal arts majors instead of accounting or other majors that might pay twice as well. “ You will have enormous power if you are the person in office who can write a clear and concise memo” (Brooks). He also states that you will use the english language in whatever job you find. He thinks that any business must have people who understand English very well to succeed. You can have a great product, but someone has to be very good with the language to get people to buy the product. “Studying the humanities will give you a wealth of analogies” (Brooks). Everyone thinks in analogies every day according to Brooks. Whether it’s going to the store and comparing two products or comparing two colleges everyone makes comparisons. Then Brooks starts to explain The Big Shaggy, which is a concept he came up with. It consists of ideas that deep down people have passions that don’t lend themselves to systemic modeling. Brooks suggests people choose systemic modeling because it pays better. Most of america is very economic based when choosing jobs. That is the reason computer science is the fastest growing major right now. But going into those fields won’t get you very far in the big shaggy. Many people end up not doing well in the idea of the Big Shaggy. I disagree with a lot of points in this article. I believe the goal of college is to best prepare you for a future job. If you get a degree in liberal arts, you already start behind. There is a low demand for jobs that require an English major. They don’t pay well because the amount of jobs is slim, and there is a surplus of people in that field. The fastest growing majors right now are in the computer field. Technology is growing exponentially and now everybody is connected to the internet daily. You don’t need to know english that well to make a lot of money. Most companies now and days aren’t even American based. So knowing english isn’t the key to be successful. If you major in a STEM field you will be ahead of most college students. Every company now has a website and

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