The Importance Of Uniforms In School

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In many schools around the United States, multiple females are told that their choice of clothing is inappropriate and distracting to the male students. In some cases, girls admit that being told to change or being sent home sometimes lowers their self esteem, especially when the boys are also breaking dress code but are not getting in trouble for it. Girls are told that a boy’s education is more important than their own. Even though most young men will admit they are not distracted by the clothing girls wear, the excuse, “boys will be boys” is used to disregard their behavior and are not punished for their actions. Young women are being sexuallized for the clothing they wear and are being told they need to cover up for the sake of their safety, instead of teaching young men to control themselves. As women, we are told to cover our bodies and not show anything that society says is inappropriate that could potentially distract a boy. On public school campuses, young girls are told that even the slightest bit of skin is inappropriate. They are told that their shoulders, mid-thighs and midriffs are considered distracting to a boy’s learning environment. Ellen Friedrichs said in 2014, “Any confidence and pride she might take in her appearance is automatically stripped from her when she is dressed inappropriately.” Young girls are being body shamed for being confident in their own skin. Over 70% of girls ages 15 to 17 avoid normal daily activities, such as attending school,

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