The Importance Of Uniforms In Schools

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The first reason all public schools should have uniforms is because it helps reduce bullying. There are many types of bullying such as verbal, social, and physical bullying. It can occur anywhere, but most of the time, it happens in schools. This often leads to serious problems for those who are being bullied. According to, “Students wearing popular trends or expensive brands tend to pick on students who are not keeping up with these trends.” For instance, the case of Jasmine McClain a ten-year-old, who was bullied because of her clothes and shoes. This bullying lead her to commit suicide. There have also been surveys that have shown that thirty-nine percent of the students who are being bullied is because of the clothes they are wearing ( The student’s clothing usually mirrors their economic background, and it shows that they can’t keep up with the trend or buy those expensive, trendy clothes since their parents can’t afford it. If public schools were to establish uniforms for every student, then they would be able to fit in because nobody would be considered different. Then students would get along and just put their social class aside. Based on what one has read uniforms wouldn’t just reduce the number of students getting bullied, but it would be saving a life too.
The second reason all public schools should have uniforms is because it saves time. According to, “…90% of US school leaders believe school uniform or formal dress code policies "eliminate wardrobe battles with kids, “make it "easier to get kids ready…” It’s important for students to focus on other things and have time for them instead of worrying about the clothes they will be wearing to school. Some students in the mornings carefully pick out their outfits, looking for something nice to wear. They are wasting a lot of their time when they could’ve slept in a couple more minutes or eaten breakfast which, according to, is an important meal of the day because it can improve one’s grades, concentration, and just overall the student’s school performance. Uniforms would be taking away all the trouble of having to choose a certain kind of clothing for school every day and

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