The Importance Of Vaccination

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Almost everyone in the world cares and wants the best for children, whether it be their own or not. Most people also want the best for society. But the question is, why would some of these same people deliberately cause the suffering of children and jeopardize society just because they do not believe in vaccination? Vaccinations help save lives by building immunity to deadly diseases, but people are willing to risk lives just because their political beliefs or religious beliefs or skepticism keeps them from vaccinating their children. To make sure everyone in the community is safe from certain diseases, the government needs to make most vaccinations mandatory for every child. There are already a few state mandates regarding vaccinations…show more content…
Studies have shown that the parents' concerns about vaccine safety is important when they decide against vaccination. Underimmunization was associated with negative perceptions of vaccine safety. Although there are stipulations about the safety of vaccinations, they are considered safe for children. Many government and national organizations such as the Center for Disease Control, American Medical Association, Institute of Medicine, American Academy of Pediatrics, US Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, World Health Organization, American Academy of Family Physicians, and the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases all agree that vaccines are safe. One misconception people have about vaccines is that they can commonly cause reactions in those that receive the vaccination. People need to know that adverse reactions to vaccines are extremely rare. The most prevalent side effect of many vaccines, anaphylaxis, occurs in one per several hundred thousand to one per million vaccinations. According to Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN and practicing neurosurgeon, someone is “100 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to have a serious allergic reaction to the vaccine that protects you against measles." Many skeptics of vaccination also claim that certain ones can cause severe disabilities in

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