The Importance Of Vaccinations

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The Importance of Vaccinations
Vaccinations has become controversial in recent years. A growing number of parents feel that vaccines can cause harm. They believe that they have the right to decide whether or not to have their children vaccinated (“Introduction to Vaccines: Current Controversies” 6). This is true, however, public health and individual rights should be equally taken into consideration. While there is growing number of people who claims that mandatory vaccinations is against civil liberties and are not safe, vaccinations are scientifically proven to be effective and have given greater benefits to public health.

Although we can evaluate that there is a risk of harm with vaccination, this risk is extremely small and
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Without the vaccines, child had to get sick before becoming immune with disease, while with vaccines he does not have to get sick first because vaccines stimulates his immune system to produce antibodies that will help develop immunity to that disease ( “Childhood Vaccines are Important to Public Health” 3). Germs that cause diseases will always be around so we can not stop vaccinating. People who are against it can definitely practice their civil rights and say no to vaccinate their children, but if those rights gets in the way of other people’s protection and safety, there will be a problem. It is like saying one neighbor can play loud music at home but if the loud music cause distraction to another neighbor, He or she has the right to complain and stop that loud music. This applies same way with vaccination. It should be mandatory empose for the greater good.

Knowing that vaccines prevent resurgence of serious infectious diseases and help develop immunity, it is also best to know that vaccines are scientifically proven safe and effective. Parents that opposed to vaccinations are often based their judgement on emotions and not on science. Study shows that videos skeptical about vaccinations receives more views and better ratings than social media sites that advocate vaccinations because users rely on

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