The Importance Of Vaccinations For Children

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The “CDC” also know as the center for disease control has recommended the children from zero to six years old should get around 29 doses of certain vaccines in the time span. Out of those 29 doses that does not include the yearly flu shot. There are no specifica US law that can make their child get vaccinated. Although all the states require ( or recommend) specific vaccinations for public schooling, their is a way around it by obtaining a religious exemption from. This for basically allows parents to put their children in public school without vaccinations due to personal beliefs. Vaccinations are very safe and have said to be “one of the greatest health developments of the 20th century.” The health of every child is very important to every parent. The health of young children is so important to parents that children start getting their vaccinations as young as a month old. Harmful diseases could be and ar fatal to young children. Getting your child vaccinated is a positive because is helps protect them against harmful diseases. Many people don't believe in vaccinating their children because it is harmful, but the pharmaceutical and the FDA (food and drug administration) require a minimum of ten year testing for all vaccinations. The FDA and CDC take special precaution before putting any type of vaccination out for use. In recent studies it has actually been found that more babies and infants are actually exposed to more toxins in the mother's breast milk than
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