The Importance Of Vaccinations

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In contrast, a positive aspect of many people having vaccinations is herd immunity. Herd immunity is the occurrence where a large proportion of a specific population is vaccinated to provide them immunity, and as a result, it also gives some protection to the people of the population who have and yet developed immunity. This happens as the a large group of vaccinated individuals are protected from a virus and creates difficulty for the it to spread because there is only a small percentage of the population left that could be infected by the disease. It is a very crucial aspect of immunity for the community as the people who cannot receive vaccinations (i.e. people with weak immune systems, very young children and patients who are too ill)…show more content…
Therefore, their beliefs discard the purpose of vaccines where chemicals, blood or tissues from animals are used to assist with the healing of your body. For example; the Christian Scientists are and formally against the idea of vaccinations, but they remain to rely on prayers for healing of the body. This way of healing for Christian Science was proven to be dangerous in 1994, when a measles outbreak occurred in the United States because it had a originated from a member of their religion when she attended her boarding school. On another note, the Catholic Church does recognise the importance and valuability of vaccines for one’s health, but it is important that they are to find vaccines that do and contain the cell lines derived from a baby foetus. Secondly, the general social and economical implications have proven the success and effectiveness of vaccines throughout the years. A few examples would be the fact the fact that the herd immunity actually works and provides the minority who cannot receive vaccines a source of immunity and it also very cost effective. But yet, there are still different situations that would have different implications and possibly provide alternative methods that may or may not be, just as effective as vaccinations. For instance; whether or not children, teen or adults so receive the chickenpox vaccination or endure through a pox party instead?

Chickenpox (also referred to as
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