The Importance Of Various Human Resource Functions

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Analysis of the Importance of Various Human Resource Functions
As the baby boomers move into retirement, it is harder for organizations to find skilled professionals to fill their positions. In order to have an effective workforce, organizations are forced to offer a more robust compensation package to attract and maintain key employees. Due to this, over the last twenty years, human resource management (HRM) has become an essential part of the corporation’s growth and success. The human resource functions have expanded far beyond administrative tasks. These functions include, but not limited to recruiting, training, advocating, motivating current and new employees. They need to understand every aspect of their position to hold a study balance between their staff and employees. It is imperative for the HRM department to aid in the utilization, development of its human capital assets. This is accomplished by integrating human capital with the company assets to help reach and obtain the organization’s goals. In this paper we will be analyzing the vitality of various HR functional for the success and growth of the insurance industry.
Recruitment and Employee Selection In modern day business, organizations are struggling to attract and retain top talent, especially since the baby boomers are retiring. Over the last ten years human resources has become more than just administrative task and payroll accounting. The human resource managers wear many hats. They have
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