The Importance Of Verbal Communication

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Most people event after reading documents will not understand why environmentalists are against the production of greenhouse gases until someday they are caught in smog in New Delhi Nidia and have to lose precious leisure or working hours while on a visit.

Verbal communication consists of using the written (texts, and emails) and oral (face-to-face and phone calls conversations) strategies to convey information. We spend much of our time during the day chatting or talking in person with colleagues or friends. Consequently, spoken and/or written communication strategies are the most used communication instrument and most inspiring as well. Words have no meaning until we give them meaning. Yet after the speaker give it meaning the listener may still misunderstand the intended meaning of the source. Therefore, it does not suffice to grasp the attention of the audience. As a speaker, you need to create connections and maintain the relationship with the audience to the end. Have you ever ask yourself why two people write or make a presentation on the same topic and one gets more the five million like and two million comments while the other gets more dislike than like? If you still have problems grasping the attention of your listers, letting them move along with you then you are in the right place.

Visual communication
Why is it that when we watch movies or listen to a presentation made using PowerPoint, charts or other forms of visual support we tend to grasp more than
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