The Importance Of Violence In John Steinbeck's 'The Pearl'

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“People are still thinking of solving problems by violence and war, and that has to stop.” Said by the famous Yoko Ono About what the world is today. When people think of resolving problems okay they think of killing. People in the world need to think of resolving problems very differently. Violence is a plague when it starts it will keep on going it will not just disappear. People use violence to take over new places which further leads to mixing because the people who aren’t killed and are spared for some reason, most likely so they can exchange there ideas.When cultures collide it will always lead to mixing and massacres of violence.
Violence is a direct result of cultures colliding. In one of our readings we read about John Steinbecks own The Pearl. In The Pearl by John Steinbeck, Kino is faced with many tough choices that he handles with violence. For instance when someone jumped Kino to steal his pearl he immediately pulled out his knife and this happened, “ He heard the rush, got his knife out and lunged it at one of the dark figures and felt his knife go home.” Which means he stabbed and killed a man and left his wife with a awful countenance. The reason this ties back to cultures colliding is when people like the conquistadors came and tried to take over there land they had to learn to fight for there own safety. So when they did come the could rupture the spanish army.
Now the pearl had a lot of violence because historically when the spanish collided with the

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