The Importance Of Visual Communication For Children With Autism

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Introduction Visual communication is an essential skill use to enhance verbal abilities, especially for children with autism. Our surroundings are filled with visual stimulus such as technologies, billboards, televisions, books and magazines, and even in architecture. Since children with autism struggle with communication skills it is imperative to research all possible avenues of approaches that can lead to the enhancement of communication for children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In the article “Implementing visuals strategies during play groups: The promising effects on social-communication skills for children with autism” written by authors M. Charlop, A. Greenberg, published in the journal of Evidence-based Communication Assessment and Intervention on September 2010. Provides a research study designed to provide visual prompts to enhance play related language throughout each stage of research. This criterion designed research explores a functional relationship between script cards and communication skills during typical peer play activities. The participants were three children ranging in ages between four years five months through four years seven months. All children within this study scored an average range regarding probability of autism on the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS). The duration of the study lasted for four weeks, 4 to 5 days each week, 30 minutes a day, and consisted of three phases. The researchers designed scripts for the
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