The Importance Of Visual Design For Food Photography

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Now that visual design’s importance has been established, a major component of this, especially in food products, is food photography. These images are not only appealing, they must also drive consumers appetites. Important factors must be considered in order to gain attention but also get consumers through the shopping process sooner. An article online outlines the specific technique used in food photography to get attention while being obvious about the products usage and quality (Higgins, 2011). This is important along with design because it gives potential consumers a look at a company’s product and may be beneficial for garnering new customers for newer brands. When smaller brands are competing, this is their chance to show off their product and highlight why it may be better than alternatives. Also, people want to see the product, if a product is covered and no image is depicted, the consumer might be more skeptical of the product and its quality. Example of Exceptional Design Packaging: How does typography, graphics, and food photography come together to create a package? In an example by Propercorn, a popcorn snack in the United Kingdom, the owner went through a meticulous process with several creative people to create a sleek package that would be attractive to young women or people wanting to snack without the calories (King, 2015). After photographing the popcorn at different angles and coming up with the perfect graphics, they included a

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