The Importance Of Volunteer Service

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Who can help students control their anger and make sure they do not take there anger out on anybody else physically? Who can arrange all of the rides that we need to get to all of our school activities? Jennifer Loughren. One of the reasons that she is a hero is because she does volunteer work, she goes beyond the requirements of her job, she helps everybody that is in need of help, she provides rides for all of the school’s activities, and she also helps everybody in any situation. She does a lot of volunteer work to help all of the people that she is around at all times. Some of the ways that she does volunteer work is when she is at church, and then some of the ways that she does volunteer work at the church is by saying that she would do all of the things that they need done that they are looking for people to do it for them and then she volunteered herself to do the things that they were asking people to do. Another way that she does volunteer work is by helping all of the people that she see’s that are in need of help and then she tries to help them in any way that she possibly can. While volunteering as a helper at church she has to face a lot of challenges like what she is getting herself into and when they want them to have it all done by and then it is also taking time away from her when she could be spending time with their family. According to America’s Volunteer Fire Departments Face Staffing Crisis, a person that is a true hero would still do the volunteer
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