The Importance Of Waste Management

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Waste Control Being able to address environmental issues can save the world. One of the many environmental issues that are occurring every day is waste management. Waste can be categorized by things humans have no use for (Carolan, 2017). With the world being at such a large population, waste will continue to grow. Without there being a direct and or safe form to remove waste from the planet, problems will continue to arise. Since there is a social context of being able to remove human waste, nobody ever bothers to discuss the overwhelming waste on earth. Social construction is an important approach that can be discussed to better tackling the waste problem that is overwhelming the environment. Everyday waste is produced, rather it be from throwing out food, old cloths or using plastics, humans generally create a plethora amount of garbage. Ever since garbage disposal were created by a Wisconsin architect in 1927 (History, 2017), garbage has increased exponentially (Stromberg, 2013). Much as Carolan, 2017 states, “We moderns really want our waste to just disappear.” Because of this notion, it has become socially acceptable to just throw anything away that humans just don’t want. In many places, a more recent trend has been to recycle plastics and use the methane that goes into breaking down the waste to convert it to energy generation. However, regardless of how eco-friendly countries try to be, waste is still produced at a staggering level and this more than likely will
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