The Importance Of Water In Divergent By Veronica Roth

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“The floor drops off at a sharp angle, and several stories below us is a river. Gushing water strikes the wall beneath me and sprays upward. To my left, the water is calmer, but to my right, it is white, battling with rock” (Roth 64-65). In the book Divergent, there are five factions and when children turn 16 they must choose which faction they want to belong. Each faction is known for a different thing. Beatrice, the main character chooses Dauntless, fearless, over abnegation, putting others before themselves. Tris transforms into Dauntless lifestyle and then the government crumbles. Veronica Roth author of Divergent, uses images of water to demonstrate various levels of control from complete control through total lack of it. There are three…show more content…
Peter had a weakness, he could not stand to be second in line especially when a girl beat him in ranking. His weakness controlled his thoughts and actions, it lead him to gather a group and attack Tris, all because his weakness consumed him. Peter wanted to throw Tris over the chasm. The water in the chasm symbolizes regret. It's the same place where Al committed suicide because he regretted attacking Tris. We can see this connection when Four states, “ ‘The chasm reminds us that there is a fine line between bravery and idiocy!’ ” shouts Four. “ ‘A daredevil jump off this ledge will end your life. It happened before and it will happen again. You’ve been warned’ ” (Roth 65). Later, when Jeanine, of Euridate captures Four and Tris, after finding out that they are divergent Tris is sent to be executed. This time though, Tris is placed in the glass box, but there is no simulation. The water that slowly fills the tank at first and then rapidly is part of Jeanine’s plan. Throughout Tris’s simulations at Dauntless, Jeanine has keep record of all of her fears. Jeanine knew Tris’s fear of weakness and lack of control would harm her more than drowning. Tris knew that no matter how hard she tried to escape there was no way she could manipulation the box. There is nothing else Tris can do, she takes what she thinks is her last breath and submerges her body. The water surrounding her body in the glass box resembles
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