The Importance Of Water Sanitation. By Kai M.. “The Water

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The Importance of Water Sanitation

By Kai M.
“The water crisis is the most pervasive, most severe, and most invisible dimension of the ecological devastation of the earth.” -Vandana Shiva (scholar, environmental activist and anti-globalization author)

Imagine someone told you that your child just died, right now. How would you feel? Shocked? In anguish? Every day, 4000 children die, ending a life that could have brought happiness and peace to others. Why do these children die? Water-borne illnesses. Our world lacks a supply of potable water, water which humans are able to safely consume. This is known as the “global water crisis”. 97.2% of our entire water supply is saltwater, and of the 2.8% of freshwater that is left, 68.7% is locked
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Many areas have even gone beyond contamination with saliva and feces, to dangerous chemical contamination, often resulting in bodies of water such as rivers having dead fish and other organisms floating around in large amounts. Chemical pollution often involves large amounts of metal solvents, agricultural pesticides, simple carbon dioxide (which can also cause grief and large amounts of death in marine organism populations) and petroleum, all because of industrial reasons. Sometimes, humongous amounts of inanimate man made objects also become deadly pollutants, such as plastic bags, sometimes taking up as much as 700,000 square kilometers, the size of Texas. These locations can trap even more marine organisms, causing shifts in balance of the marine ecosystems and food webs, often causing chain reactions which shatter the underwater world. These ecosystems need to be preserved with perseverance for the next generation.

Cleaner water from affordable filtration would lead to less disease, making better use of water collector’s time. Waterborne illnesses are very dangerous. They are the world’s leading cause of death, taking more lives than war and terrorism combined. There are about four million diarrheal diseases every year, resulting one or even two million deaths, 90% of which is children under the age of five, a tragic amount. Smaller amounts of dirty water would easily lead less
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