The Importance Of Web Application

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A single page application (SPA) as name suggest is a web application which will fit in a single web page and acts as a source for rest of the application. Various end user interactions are possible via HTML, CSS, JavaScript. For most of the part, development happens on the front-end in comparison to traditional web applications which depend heavily on server-side interactions to reload new web page content. SPA just keeps all the data and the associated business logic in the front-end i.e. it works with local storage of browser. Server-side interactions are somewhat limited. These interactions are performed for requesting any information via API’s present in server-side of application.
Single Page Web Applications follows 3-tier model.
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It provides resources different websites connected to Internet.
Web applications use HTTP protocol in order to communicate between client and server. It uses different methods such as GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. These request methods are important concepts to be understood as they allow application to request resources from client. These methods are discussed briefly below:
a. GET
In GET method application request resources using Request-URI. URI is a combination of URL i.e. Uniform Resource Locator & URN i.e. Uniform Resource Name.

In POST method, data is enclosed in message body and server handles request based on Request-URI.

c. PUT
PUT method stores the data in the message body of Request-URI.

DELETE method deletes a resource from server identified by Request-URI. 2. DOM
The Document Object Model (DOM) is an interface between HTML and XML documents. It consists of nodes and objects arranged in logical sequence to form any HTML webpage. It defines parent-child relationship between various elements. It also provides access to Javascript for manipulating the document structure and content.

3. XMLHttpRequest
It is an API which helps in communication between client and server to access resources even after web page is completely loaded in browser. It allows to update web page without reloading it completely.

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