The Importance Of Wild Mustangs

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The Importance of Wild Mustangs Over four hundred years ago, wild horses or “mustangs” as we call them, were introduced to North America by the Spanish. As a result, these marvelous creatures have been roaming the land of the United States ever since, and they have become a part of our history. Mustangs have played an active role in our history by providing a means to travel, an expansion of our country, and as a natural beauty to see in the wild: therefore, it is crucial to protect and oversee the care of these animals in an effective manner. In the early 1600s, American Indian horses were initially bred from Spanish horses that the Indians had acquired from the Spaniards – most likely by raiding Spanish missions and taking the horses…show more content…
Not only could horses travel places that people couldn’t, but they also had tougher legs and bodies that were able to protect them better; making them more sustainable for travel. Some of the first Americans who settled here were brought by the mustangs (Speir) and (American Expedition). Wild mustangs are beautiful creatures when seen in their natural habitat. Photographs, videos, and in-person sightings of these animals have captured the attention of millions of people. Their fascinating array of color, patterns, shapes, and sizes just add more to their wonderful appearance in our history. It isn’t just their beautiful colors that have an impact, but the beauty within and the beauty in their overall nature. Mustangs haven’t just captured the attention from millions of people, they have also captured the attention of many famous individuals who have also had a key role in history; such people include: Ulysses S. Grant, Zachary Taylor, Thomas Jefferson, and many more (Speir). Thomas Jefferson asked a man named Philip Nolan to study the mustangs in Texas, and report his observations to Jefferson. A well-known artist named Frederic Remington once stated that, "Of all the monuments which the Spaniard has left to glorify his reign in America, there will be none more worthy than his horse"(qtd. In Speir). What I believe to understand from this statement is when the Spanish came to America, they had a significant impact on our
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