The Importance Of Women's Rights

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Long ago before the women rights movements all women were more than likely housewives who’s main job was to serve their husbands. Women back then didn’t even have the same rights as men and were not seen as equals. However, this is obviously not the case in todays times. In order for something big like this to have changed there are obviously many steps that would have to been taken. Out of all the things that happened to help women receive equal rights was by receiving jobs outside of the house. Nothing played a bigger role than the industrial revolution, and women becoming teachers. There were also important people that played a role in achieving women’s rights. Some of those women being Dorothe Dix, Abigail Adams, and Susan B. Anthony. There was also another major step towards equal rights, and that was the Seneca falls. Without these steps and these important women that helped lead us to the Civil Rights Act, we may have never progressed from where we started with women having no rights. When it comes to women being looked at as equal, nothing early on helped more than women having been assigned jobs where they received pay. One thing that really helped women get jobs was the industrial revolution. When the industrial revolution was happening the textbook states in chapter nine that early on in the industrial revolution people were looking for a cheap source of labor, so they turned to young women from families. The reason they needed these women to work was because now
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