The Importance Of Workplace Diversity

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Merriam-Webster’s dictionary can define diversity as: the condition or instance of being or having composed of differing elements or qualities. The importance of accommodating diversity has been persistently high for and supported by people all over America for decades. The United States is made up of different religions, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicities. Thus, making our nation one of the most diverse on this planet. An environment where diversity is respected individuals, and united members of teams can effectively apply all their talents, skills and experiences in pursuit of business objectives to their competitive advantage. In a constant changing world, diversity is all around us, and it is important to relate to others if they are different from us. Diversity itself is a controversial topic today whether it’s in the workplace, judicial system or education facilities. With the world globally increasing more and more interaction with people from different backgrounds are required. Diversity is both beneficial to the associates and employers. Although associates are mutually dependent in the workplace, respecting individual’s values and differences can increase productivity. In the workplace diversity can increase recruitment, marketing opportunities, creativity, and business image. The importance of workplace diversity is vital because it cultivates respect among the employees. Whether they work in teams or groups, they’re comprised of workers with various
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