The Importance Of Writing And Reading Skills

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My writing and reading skills have developed due to the many factors and phases that has occurred through my upbringing. There are negative effects as well as positive ones. I wasn’t fortunate enough as a child to have many books present for me to read because of my hometown, but because of my wonderful parents that wasn’t the case as I grew up. There are two main subject that I would concentrate on among many others: my parents and my environment, meaning my hometown and school I went to. There are also minor details, for example: moving to the United States from my hometown and my influential teachers.
My literacy past has been such a journey and there are factors that helped shape it. As I mentioned, the environment I was in, my hometown school alleviated my skills in writing but unfortunately hindered my reading skills as a kid. At my school in Gambia, professors immensely focused on making us great writers from middle school through high school. We would have writing exercises each day and a quiz to test our skills by the end of every week. They will teach us how and where to use punctuations, how to use grammar and style etc. It is basically something that is taking into high consideration. Regardless of us students being taught better writing skills, reading wasn’t taken as serious. I and many other students would be given maybe two books to read each semester. So I wasn’t fond of reading so much, in fact, I would be lazy to read just those two books given to us
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