The Importance Of Writing And Writing

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When I was a little kid my parents and family were always trying to teach me how to read and write. Its been something I’ve known how to do without even thinking about it. When I was around 6 or 7 years old we would go to Mexico and visit my grandma, who had lived there at the time, and the neighbor had a granddaughter a little older than me. She would come over and play, one day I had brought my toys and some books and she had asked me what they were and I told her they were books. She went on and explained how she didn’t know how to read or write, how her grandparents couldn’t take her to school due to them be elderly and how far away they lived from a school. I was kind of confused because in the United States I hadn’t ever met someone …show more content…

I had been writing for a couple years, then when I went to high school, I went into the dual enrollment path and I hadn’t had time to write. I was and am bombarded with homework and class assignments. Once in a while when I have time, I’ll write until I fall asleep.

I started reading when little of course but I wasn’t really into it until the A.R. testing. A.R. testing is when you have to check out a book from the library and read it, then answer questions over it, and whatever score you get coordinates with the point you earn. At first I wasn’t too excited about this, but then one day they announced that they will be taking students who have 50,000 (I can’t really remember) points or more to barns and noble and then to golden coral. To be fairly honest I was really only in it for the food. So I was determined to get those points, and go on the trip. I checked out as many books as I could and read them. It turned out that I liked reading, I kind of loved it. I eventually reached those points, and was able to go on the trip. After the trip I still kept on reading, it started to become a part of me.

Seeing and hearing stories of people who aren’t literate motivated me to keep on learning. That little girl from Mexico motivated me to continue learning how to read and write, so that maybe one day ill be able to teach her. My mom has told me quite a lot of stories of how her experiences with people who don’t know how to read and write. My grandpa was one of

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