The Importance Of Writing

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Personally, I feel I am a strong writer who is creative and has a strong understanding of the elements of writing. I enjoy writing because it is a way for me to creatively express my thoughts and emotions. Writing is both a stress reliever and a passion for me. Two summers ago, I created and was president of the Turlock Public Library’s Creative Writing Club. The club met twice a week where the members would collaborate, proofread, and share aloud our works from the previous meeting, and then would have a vote on a new prompt for the next meeting. My favorite writing assignment was when we wrote “Harry Potter” stories and we were the main characters...I liked it so much that I wrote my own, one for another member, and one for the…show more content…
Now that I am older I read books that match the way I am feeling when I get the book, or I just pick a random book from the shelf of the Public Library and read that (i’ve fallen in love with every book i’ve done that with). I read every moment I have; in advisement, down time in class, lunch, when I finish my homework early after school, but mostly on the weekends... and I get hard core reading done over the summers. I would definitely say books are the true love of my life. I go through phases when reading. All throughout elementary school I read Fantasy and Mystery book and I thought my life would be complete if I never had to read anything but thoughts soon changed. In junior high I got really into romance novels, and I am still into them but not the sappy ones. I used to like romance novels where the guy got the girl and they lived happily ever after, but the romance I like now is different; for example, the guy likes the girl but she won't admit she likes him back until it is almost too late, and then it really is too late because he is dead (The Fault in Our Stars, Me Before You etc.). The trilogy I am currently about to finish right now is the world's best Sci-Fi trilogy ever, and I swore to myself when I started seventh grade I would never, ever in my lifetime read Sci-Fi but people change. The way I read is different; I read a novel in one sitting and get the main points, then I
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