The Importance Of Writing

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There are many actions, characteristics, and goals that are set throughout life that help people become literate in something, whether it is in a sport, a school subject, or a hobby. Recognizing any strengths or weaknesses and setting out to make them better are also a large part in one’s journey to becoming who they are today. Subjects such as language arts are especially helpful when doing this and help bring out the voices of writers and readers, young and old. For me, the activities and decisions I have made up to this point, including reading and writing, have made me the person that I am today. Reflecting on this and my personality, strengths, and weaknesses have also contributed to my growth over the years and have pushed me…show more content…
Writing is something that comes naturally to me. I am a creative person and can use my ideas to easily write an essay or narrative and make my thoughts and points clear. I can also use my creativity to make a sentence or piece of evidence flow with the rest of my writing piece. In addition, I am always looking for new ways to make my writing better and I am driven to do so. My strengths in writing are especially shown when writing a fiction or realistic fiction story where I can make up my own characters and my own plot, even if I am instructed to follow a specific guideline or prompt. It is easier for me because I can visualize how I want a story to turn out and how the characters react to certain points in the plot. However, essays are a little harder for me. I can convey my ideas and evidence easily, but creating conclusions and creating a strong thesis is a challenge for me. So, I would like to work on making my conclusions and thesis statements stronger so that I can be even better at writing essays. Achieving this would ultimately make me a better writer overall and would even benefit other types of essays or stories I may have to write in the future. Lastly, one other activity I am literate in is reading. Reading has been something I have been exceptional at since I was very young, and my family definitely had a considerably large influence on this. For instance, when I was less than 1 year old my mother would read books to me, and I ended up
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