The Importance Of Writing

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Why do you think writing became so important in the ancient world? What was gained with the invention of writing? What do you think was lost? (pg.12) The Sumerians were the first people to invent writing as a means of long-distance which was needed for trade. I think writing became so important in the ancient world because that was there main way to communicate. They wrote on things in temples, papyrus, and broken pieces of pottery from ancient Egypt. The hieroglyphic script was one of the oldest writing systems, and was used for recording and communicating information. They used pictures to communicate, not being able to record specific information such as a name of the leader, or events of a battle. Cuneiform was a gain the ancient world got from writing. It became a general purpose writing systems, keeping agricultural records. The writing began as a system of simple symbolic pictures. I do not think anything was lost with the invention of writing. I think it helped the world, because we can learn about the past from them. Writing recorded the lives of a people and the written history of a culture or civilization (Mark 2011). Do you think the Greek legacy has been completely positive, or mainly positive but partly negative? (pg. 46) I think the Greek legacy has been completely positive. The ancient Greeks left very important legacies in a variety of areas. They invented democracy, which has been around to this day. Every citizen has the right to participate in politics.

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