The Importance Of Writing In Writing

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Over the years, I have been taught many lessons about writing and literature; one of the most important takeaways from writing and workshop classes was to write now and edit later. That is, do not focus on making each sentence perfect right as it is written and to leave that method for the revising process. But as both a perfectionist and a procrastinator, I have been told I take too much time editing before I have fully written my work. For me, this was a hard lesson to learn and one I am still struggling to incorporate into my process, but there is something about playwriting that makes this easier. Maybe it is the possibility of writing in a shorter format or not having to write as much narration or detail as fiction, or the struggle to be “artsy” and form-conscious for poetry, but playwriting (and screenwriting) has become my newest creative endeavor. Although playwriting, to some degree, allows for creative form, it is generally looked down upon. This makes my job simpler; I only have to focus on the content, and I can keep the format the same for all of my pieces. It has been a joy being in a class that promotes creativity, originality, and the work one does as an individual, and this has pushed me in a great direction for my writing. Playwriting has opened my eyes to new pieces of art and literature and tickled my imagination while also encouraging me to “steal” from other’s work. For my one act, I embraced this wholeheartedly; I took pieces from works here and there
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