The Importance Of Writing In Writing

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Writing is something that I find almost intoxicating. When I write, I suddenly have the ability to forget my current problems, and I can focus on the stories my brain is itching to let free. At times I will use writing as a coping mechanism for when I need to divert my attention away from my own mental anguish. From a young age reality is something that I have tried my best to avoid, due to the fact I have had to live with a Generalized Anxiety Disorder. As a child the real world seemed entirely too frightening for me, so I would turn all of my attention towards fantasy. Eventually, my mind became chock-full of an interminable amount of fantasies: the mystical world of Harry Potter, the blood-curdling adventures of Percy Jackson, and the incredibly daring Mulan. My sole motivation for writing is to escape reality. Although I enjoy writing, I do not always write voluntarily. I write when I feel like it is a necessity for me to write in order to escape my volatile emotions. Sometimes, I feel as though I literally need to stay drunk on my own writing to be able to function as a person. Above all, I write so reality cannot destroy me. Personally, I haven't always been the biggest fan of writing. I used to dread writing papers for school, and I never thought that I could write for enjoyment. I believe that the reason I had a distaste for writing was because I just assumed that my writing was disastrous. My personal views regarding writing as a whole started to change when I
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