The Importance Of Written Communication

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Introduction The written word has existed as a form of communication for over five thousand years. Since that time, its uses have evolved and expanded, specifically in the business world. Today businesses lack clear and concise written communication. Looking there, this paper will seek to understand the importance of vocabulary in business writing. Specifically, this paper will expound on what constitutes excellent writing, who needs it, and how it is important to an organization. Lastly, the overarching why behind the push to improve writing standards will be addressed with an example of its success in a business today.

What? Being “good enough” will not pass in today’s competitive environment. Simply completing English courses in high school and college does not suffice for today’s employers. Passing tests simply show you have an ability, it does not prove what you can do with it. Being an excellent written communicator includes concisely expressing one’s thoughts, knowing the correct usage of words, understanding English grammar, and using proper syntax.

Additionally, vocabulary used with family and friends differs from what is appropriate in the business environment. Business vocabulary is formal and measured whereas with family and friends it is informal and loose. However, one must be careful to not make their writing so formal it becomes technical, boring, and seemingly written in legalese. In the beginning, it is easy to fall into this way of thinking because
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