The Importance Of Youth Sports

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Sports, the everyday activity for youth in this generation was said to be emerged in as we rolled into the 20th century. Sport, an entertainment source for all is getting more recognized through organized youth sports. Moreover, over the time sport has become an everyday life routine for many families all over the world. Parents are enrolling their children into various sport activities to give their children an opportunity to learn something new every day. Socialization is very important for a child’s development and organized youth sports provide the social environment a child needs to grow socially. As parents started to realize the importance of organized youth sport, the popularity of youth sport started to increase. As the popularity…show more content…
Furthermore, I believe to solve this issue we should not segregate public organizations with private organization. We should give the children the freedom to choose their own sport and the level of difficulty they would like to play with, as public organizations emphasize more on inclusion and fun where private programs emphasize more on performance and competitive success. Also, we should have more organized youth sport programs that are combination of public and private sport programs, where the youth will be allowed to compete, learn, succeed, and yet have fun. Moreover, this kind of combined program will also allow all social-class people to be involved, which will help decrease the economic and ethnic segregation in our communities.
As discussed above youth sport programs are increasing every day as parents continue to enroll their kids into the organized sport programs. However, the effect these programs bring to the children oppose from the real affect one would like to see. The youth sports program in the United States becoming so competitive for our youth. In addition to the competitiveness, the pressure that comes from the parents and coaches also makes the youth program more challenging and less fun for the children. To be able to change and improve the youth sports program, the sports need to be less competitive and

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