The Importance Sustainable Purchasing Supply

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The Importance Sustainable Purchasing Supply Name Institutional Affiliation Date The Importance Sustainable Purchasing Supply The purchasing and supply function is strategically vital in laying the foundation for an organization to acquire a competitive advantage. I have taken this stance following thorough literature reviews and taking into consideration statements that are relative to pertinent techniques, tools, and models. In addition, it has been taken into consideration with a focus on current debates and thinking in the strategic supply and purchasing field. The benefits of efficient supply and purchasing were realized by recent organizations who have acknowledged its strategic importance. Traditional purchasing models were based on tactical processes; with exclusive focus on clerical functions. Nevertheless, purchasing and supply is viewed as a function playing a vital role in attaining strategic organizational objectives for reasons I will continue to clarify (Davis & Spekman, 2010). The work of external factors of Porter's model where organizations derive strategies has led to the realization that of the relationship between the purchasing function and the most important features of this framework. Three forces of the porter's model; supplier bargaining power, threats of new entrants and the customer bargaining power all have implications that link them with supply and purchasing role. Concerning the threat of new entrants, failure for an organization to
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