The Importance and Impact of Following Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures

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Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures: The criteria that employers in the U.S has all along been using in employment has been a very efficient one in terms of determining which applicants or employees are fit or have met the necessary credentials for a particular profession. The selection that employers have been using includes cognitive tests- what experience does the applicant has, personality tests, medical tests, appraisal checks, and any scandalous background. On the other hand, employers were seen to abuse the national law for example promotions or hiring were based on the following qualifications race, religion, color, nationality, or even gender. In 1978, the US Civil Service Commission, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Justice, and Department of Labor joined hands and decided that they want to change from the old system of employment which was conducted by the Old Civil Service Commission (now OPM). This was done by forming the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures that would ensure that employment is done uniformly without other parties feeling that they are being discriminated ("The History and Theory of the Uniform Guidelines", n.d.). Since their inception, uniform guidelines have really helped in the documentation of the standard of employment in the US since it has eliminated the issue of employers being bias to applicants. The guidelines have achieved this through providing the necessary materials that
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