The Importance if My Mom to My Career Choice

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This article is based on academic research and thus, my topics of discussion in my email stem from parts of the paper. I mention information from the article like “psychopaths are usually stuck at the primary stage (the second developmental stage in the run) which leads to their lack of understanding of morals and emotions such as empathy and their more narcissistic behavior.” My main credibility stems from the fact that I am talking to my mom. My mother has known me all my life. She has also knows that I am majoring in psychology specifically so I can study criminal behavior and join the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the FBI. She knows that I am very smart and that I have held an interest in psychology for several years. My mom also knows that I have been studying psychology for two years now. I took an Advanced Placement class during my senior year of high school and over the past summer took a class on Theories of Personalities at the local community college. A side long to this is that my mom trusts my knowledge in the subject so thus when I talk about specific terms, she knows that I am giving her reliable information since not only were they used and explained in the article, but I know them from my studies and can explain them to her. Another piece of my article that adds to the amount of credibility I have with my mom is that I don’t have to tell her the source of the article (The Journal…

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