The Importance of Accountability

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The Importance Accountability
Accountability refers to the perception of holding an individual responsible for his or her decisions or actions. Accountability standards and accountability are integral components in the every industry especially health care discipline. Organizations desiring to succeed in whichever industry must always establish structures that encourage employees to be accountable. This study shows that accountability in the healthcare industry is not a matter of choice but something that must be observed at all times. This may act a form of encouraging and motivating employees at the workplace.
The importance of accountability in the health care industry
The business of healthcare is unique because it has a fiduciary duty to local, state, and federal governments. The principle must be applied during the delivery of healthcare services relating to the three main functions of accountability. The first function is financial accountability within the industry to regulate the abuse and misuse of public resources and authority. The second function guarantees that public resources and authority are being used and applied according to required professional, legal, and societal standards and values. The third purpose is to promote and support the delivery of improved services and management through learning and feedback mechanisms. This focuses on performance accountability (Millenson, 2009).
The three functions overlap each other but sometimes

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