The Importance of Act Three Scene One of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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The Importance of Act Three Scene One of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

In act 3, scene 1,Benvolio warns Mercutio that they are risking a fight. When Tybalt arrives he is ready to fight, and challenges Romeo as soon as he appears. Romeo has married Tybalt’s cousin so he dismisses the challenge. Mercutio is outraged and challenges Tybalt. As Romeo tries to stop them, Tybalt who runs away wounds Mercutio. Mercutio dies, and when Tybalt returns, Romeo kills him and flees. When the Prince appears and hears the reason for the murder, he lightens the sentence of death to banishment. Romeo must leave Verona. Romeo at the start of the play is eager and an immature boy, who imagines he is in love
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The imagery of this plat is: the day is hot. The heat suggests that passions and annoyance, people become restless and agitated when they become too hot. The streets are deserted; which could create a frightening feeling as it is creating tension. This scene is more or less half way through the play. The ‘lightness’ of the love story is delight and innocence this is suggested by lightness or white and is related to the positive side of the story. //The atmosphere of the play changes to one of the darkness and negativity, things have gone from bad to worse. //

After the part where it is says that it is hot and the streets are deserted, Benvolio tells Mercutio that they should go home, as ‘there are Capulets around’. This is rather good advice because it shows that Benvolio is looking out for Mercutio, but the problem is thought Mercutio is one of those persons, that does not listen, to others when there is danger around. Mercutio is impatient, immature, and full of his own meaning and likes to be centre of attention. He makes some very clever remarks as he is dying, which I think can be described as ‘black humour’. Mercutio is a loyal friend though to Romeo, but he cannot understand why Romeo declines to fight Tybalt (which is a Capulet and Romeo’s
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