The Importance of Acting Lawfully as a Nurse Essay

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Essay Question:“ The Importance of acting lawfully when working as a nurse.” By Rainah Herring Student number: 17038485 When working within the nursing profession, it is of great importance for a nurse to act lawfully within their roles and responsibilities. It is imperative for nurses to comprehend legal aspects such as negligence, duty of care, documentation and confidentiality. As such acting lawfully will protect and reduce the risk of becoming deregistered and provide a high standard of care for the patients. I choose to study nursing for various reasons. My family suggested becoming a nurse because of the opportunities that nurses have in a career sense and that I would never be without a job. Working as an endorsed…show more content…
Both negligence and duty of care are both under the same law, which is the Civil Liability Act 2002. Under the act it states, “as a result of the defendant’s breach of duty of care owed to the plaintiff, the plaintiff suffered damage. The principle is often referred to as the principle of causation. That is, the defendant’s breach of duty of care caused the plaintiff’s loss and damage. If the plaintiff suffers no damage, no compensation can be awarded.”- (Staunton, Chiarella, 2010, page 42). In order to succeed in a law case against a nurse, the plaintiff must provide evidence that the nurse owed the patient a legal duty of care that caused the patient inevitable damage, which may be physical, mental, and financial. Under the Civil liability Act 2002, duty of care lawfully existed to avoid the risk of harm to patients receiving nursing care. If a breach of duty of care occurs the law requires contemplation of the standard of care required within the circumstances. For example, the nurse’s obligation is to take into consideration the characteristics of the patient that may be an additional risk for that person. Consequently a higher standard of care will be essential for a patient recuperating from a general anesthetic after surgery rather than for a patient who is independent, alert and orientated and has just returned to the ward. The expectation for a nurse’s

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