The Importance of Air Essay

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The Importance Of Air Other planets have sunlight, but the Earth is the only planet we know that has air and water. Without air and water, the Earth would be unable to sustain life. A diverse community of plant and animal life has thrived on this planet for millions of years, sustained by the sun and supported by the soil, water and air. Definition of air pollution Air pollution occurs when the air contains gases, dust, fumes or odour in harmful amounts. That is, amounts which could be harmful to the health or comfort of humans and animals or which could cause damage to plants and materials. The substances that cause air pollution are called pollutants. Pollutants that are pumped into our atmosphere and directly pollute the air are…show more content…
More about pollutants Air pollutants mainly occur as a result of gaseous discharges from industry and motor vehicles. There are also natural sources such as wind-blown dust and smoke from fires. Some forms of air pollution create global problems, such as upper atmosphere ozone depletion and global warming. These problems are very complex, and require international cooperative efforts to find solutions. Pollutant Source Human Health Effects Particles (API) - Air Particle Index • Internal combustion engines (eg, cars and trucks); • Industry (eg, factories); • Burning wood; • Cigarette smoke; and • Bushfires. Long term exposure is linked to: • Lung Cancer; • Heart Disease; • Lung Disease; • Asthma Attacks; and • Other health problems. Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) • Motor Vehicles are the biggest contributors; • Other combustion processes; Exposure to high levels of NO2 may lead to: • Lung damage; or • Respiratory Disease. It has also been linked to: • Increased hospital admissions for asthma and respiratory problems; • Increased mortality. Ozone (O3) Formed by various complex chemical reactions involving the exposure of the oxides of nitrogen and some hydro-carbons. Ozone is the main ingredient of photochemical smog in summer and early autumn. Ozone effects the • lining of the lungs; • lining of the respiratory tract; and • causes eye irritation. Ozone also damages plants, buildings and other materials. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Motor
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