The Importance of Attachment

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Unit 14 Early Relationships play an important role in the development of children’s behaviours. Building relationships as early as possible is very important. One way of doing this is bonding. This happens in very early infancy and is critical to growth and development. Parents need to be aware of the importance of interacting and communicating with their baby from the earliest days. Bonding early shapes how the brain develops, this will later determine their health and wellbeing. This bonding will help them to be able to adapt to their surrounding and this will also impact on their ability to form positive relationships. For some children that are in care or from difficult families, their attachments may not be formed as easily as those…show more content…
Children need to have a main attachment in their early lives that will give them constant support. He also identified that children show distress when they are separated from their main carer and this is often referred to as “separation anxiety” he linked this with the fact adults that had been separated from their mothers in infancy would then go on to not be able to form deep and lasting relationships. This was known as “Maternal deprivation.” Another theory was researched by a pair called Robertson&Robertson. In the 1940’s they looked at the short-term effects of deprivation when parents were not allowed to visit their children in hospital as they were told that it would be too upsetting for the child. This meant long term periods in hospital formed a kind of deprivation for the child. The pair looked at how children coped with being separated from their mothers and carried out observations and filmed the reactions of the children. Children showed extreme distress when the mothers left with a great deal of crying. The children were unhappy and would not take part in normal play activities. Finally the children would begin to play again but when their mothers returned thy either ignored them or rejected their attention. Robertson and Robertson came up with the idea that during the separation the children were very distressed and when they returned home they were less attached, less happy and less affectionate as they had been
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