The Importance of Being A Good Learner Essay

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A good learner needs to have some sort of creativity sense, problem-solving methods, be able to learn new things and manage themselves all throughout life. Education should be intended to amplify the abilities of skillful individuals with leadership qualities and are committed to taking a stand in social issues in the world today. A well-educated individual does not just seek to work a dream job and be able to live a nice life but instead should always commit to doing hard work, dedicating oneself to duty and always strive for excellence all throughout life. A good learner has key qualities such as: being able to listen and hear, understanding and reading, being able to communicate with anyone, solve different problems, have…show more content…
An opinion is any view or judgment made about a matter that, most of the time, does not have factual or knowledgeable support. John Stuart Mill is well known for his English philosophies during the nineteenth-century. He was also an economist and formed political and moral theories. Mill precisely emphasizes in his work “On the Liberty of Thought and Discussion”, that a majority’s opinion is not always guaranteed to be legitimate. Any fallacies of opinions are shown by referring to events that happened in the past. The opinions of today are more of a priority than the opinions of the past however the guarantee that cycle will continue in the future is not definite, meaning that the provisional opinions in the future may not be as important as today’s majority. People can only make educated and intelligent opinions based on their knowledge of the world so far and should not stress their opinions on an entire civilization excepting that they are absolute of their truth. According to Mill, making wise choices requires experience and use of discussion. People need to keep an open mind to all views and seek for any opposition. An opinion must be stated for debate or it will be considered “dead dogma” which is “not a living truth”. Mill brings to attention that even in Christianity it is important to hear all sides to a controversy. When an individual argues against common laws set in their society, the individual should not be considered evil.
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