The Importance of Being Able to Work with Multicultural Groups

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Growing up in Indonesia, I have managed to adapt and get use to the local culture, which is indeed very different from where I originated. Throughout the time in Indonesia, I have learned to understand their cultural practices and understand the importance of religion within the society.

Through the experience of understanding other cultures, I have been utilizing the “iceberg” model as one of my main analogy since it is quick and easy to use. By using this analogy, this has helped me graphically demonstrate both visible and invisible structure. I have realized that I had more difficulty with the invisible side since this cannot be seen. For instance, beliefs and communication style differs from one to another, these are also considered as one of the points found in the invisible side therefore I have learned to be more rationale and open-minded. (Spinks, 1997)

In school, I had to understand differences and prevent misunderstanding in order to work with others effectively. “Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner’s Seven dimension of Culture” helps me to relate and explore my own situation. From my experience, I have realized that people differ from one another in specific ways; this is all due to the fact that we have our own beliefs and values due to different factors. When trying to distinguish people from different cultures, I automatically consider the seven…
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