The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

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As the curtains open, the audience sees a ‘luxurious and artistically furnished’ room of Algernon’s flat located in Half-Moon Street in London. The room takes up the entire stage. During the initial scene of the play, Algernon’s servant, Lane, is present in the room. Lane is ‘arranging afternoon tea on the table’. Sound from a piano can be heard in the adjoining room. The adjoining room is offstage; when the music stop, Algernon, the owner of the flat and the man playing the piano, ‘enters’ the stage. Knowing that Algernon is wealthy and of the ‘upper-class’, evident by the facts that he has a servant and owns a piano, several assumptions can be made of the setting. It is confirmed by the phrase “Algernon: (Inspects them. Takes two, and sits down on the sofa)” that the room has a sofa set; Algernon sits on the sofa after receiving the salver from Lane. There might be fancy lamps, teapoys and plants placed around the room. Additionally, numerous showpieces, most of which must be historical, might be present to represent Algernon’s ‘upper-class’ stature. The window must be open to let the bright sunlight enter the room. An intricate rug might cover the wooden floors. Books, paintings, and other decorative objects might be present to give the audience a sense of Algernon’s economic well-being.

What is Algernon’s opinion of romance and marriage?
Algernon is skeptical and cynical when it comes to romance and marriage.…
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