The Importance of Being Honest

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Raihaan Essop THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING HONEST | Being HonestIt is common for people to dislike NOT having wealth, position and all the fancy trappings that show the world we are successful. Let’s be honest how many of us think that being a Pop Singer like???? or a Diva like Lady Gaga is so cool. Think of it - all the trappings that come with being a highly paid Pop Star, designer clothes, cars, house in Beverly Hills. Can you imagine it? How awesomeGreat huh! I know I will get myself at least 2 Lamborgini’s, A Ferrari and … But now for some reason that dream is over, will we still have the same willingness from others to fulfil our every need, hang onto every word we say and give us all the attention and affirmation we want and when…show more content…
But that impression is false, being honest actual simplifies life considerably and releases an enormous amount of life energy from propping up complex and often completely useless webs of lies and pretences, that can now be channelled into something you really want. How do we start being honest?The good news is that it takes practice, practice and practice. Be aware of yourself. Be aware of how you feel, what you truly think, when you do not really know what to think, when you feel the need to be dishonest, why are you being dishonest, who is it that you feel you to exaggerate the truth with.Being honest gets a lot easier with being conscience and practice especially when you realize that others start to identify your authenticity and their respect grows accordingly.Furthermore you will be considered a far more reliable and balanced person because everyone will know exactly where they are with you. Finally I would like to remind you to be kind and to always bring your truth from a loving place. Too often we have seen truth used in other ways, used like a weapon, wielded self-righteously like a sword and causing misery and havoc to all around. If you have found your honesty and your truth, you will also have learnt many other spiritual tools to help you cope with some of the difficulties that arise when you confront it. Remember that many of those around you will not be equipped with these
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