The Importance of Building the Third Runway to Enhance the Hong Kong’s Aviation Position

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1. Abstract: Building the third runway is a controversial issue during these days. Do you think Hong Kong should build it or not? There are still different opinions from different people. Therefore, it is critical to know how the importance of building the third runway nowadays. Since Hong Kong’s aviation position is getting challenge by the airport nearby, enhancing the position for Hong Kong is very urgent for facing those challenges. Thus, I would like to find out how important is the building third runway for enhancing the Hong Kong’s aviation position thought this research project such as reasons, actual usage. I will conduct a questionnaire that use to get those information. After having all the data, then I will start to…show more content…
Questionnaire Most of question will be set in closed ended in this Questionnaire, which means the answers are already provided for them to choose. It also can make people easily answer those questions and I also can collect the data for analysis. The reason why I don’t set it in open-ended is it will let the people feel my questionnaire is taking their lot of time and maybe they will just refuse to response the questionnaire or just answer it randomly. Therefore, I would like to choose closed ended question for most of questions to let people easier to finish it, also it can be more stable to collect the data. The Questionnaire will be set as anonymous, that means people no need to write the name on the questionnaire. But we may require people to provide their education level for analysis After data have been collected, Closed-ended questions can provide primarily quantitative data so we need to determine which sample size is suitable for my research. For analysis those data, SPSS will be my chosen software to process this data information because it is professional software for analysis data. Therefore, I can apply my new knowledge that learnt from tutor on this project by SPSS. Excel is suitable software for me to use as well. In the last month, it is the last stage of my project that I will work on to finish the whole project. The references will be recorded at the same time. References 1) Dr Chung Kwok Law, Professor Michael Fung, Professor

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