The Importance of Buying American Made Products Essay

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It is a good practice to buy American made goods if possible. Because the American public no longer thinks before they buy an item, we are losing out manufacturing base every day that passes on the calendar. Every day you watch the news there are stories about how bad the economy is and getting worse with each tick of the clock. In the recent history, United States of America was the leading exporter of goods but now we run a trade deficit each year. John Carpenter in the article “Why You Should Buy American Made Products,” at the website has made the point that the American public has to take a share of the blame because they have lost their patriotism and pride.
One reason a person should make a concerted effort
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He is also correct with the claim that if we bought more “Made in America” it will help business and stop downsizing that is on the rise.
Our economy is another problem by itself. I also agree with Carpenter Americans can help we are not powerless we have the biggest economy in the world. When a consumer is considering a purchase, they should look to see where manufacturer is located. If the item is not something that is a necessity and made overseas put it back on the shelf, I know this possible because I do it. Carpenter also states we do need to import some goods. However, we can as a nation cut down on the amount of goods we import just by simply looking for “Made in America”.
The article goes on to state that we could be the leader of industry again. Americans need to relearn how to be a patriot again we have lost sight of this and we have become more divided then any time in our history. When I was growing up the saying was cheap junk made in Japan now that is how other countries view our products.
The article concludes with the fact that anyone could be next to lose a job to a foreign worker. Buying an American made product will help to save jobs and we need them badly at this time in our history. A person does not have to be Shawn Hannity and wrap their body in the
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