The Importance of Citation in Academic Writing

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The Importance of Citing in Academic Writing Many students today fail to understand the importance of citing sources when they write academic papers. Furthermore, some only cite sources because they are concerned about the grade that they are going to get if their paper is not complete. Plagiarism has become a common practice as individuals prefer to steal intellectual information from others. The ability to create is one of humanity's most important talents and it is wrong for someone to rob an individual of his or her right to put across his or her creativity. Most people understand the unfairness of committing plagiarism when their ideas are stolen and used without their consent and with the person who committed this immorality expressing no interest in referencing them. Academic writing encompasses a complex set of concepts and a person who wants to do it needs to get actively engaged in writing a document is likely to be reviewed by a group of scholars familiar with the subject under discussion. A citation is basically "a signpost and an acknowledgement" (Hunter). The fact that it is a signpost means that it provides readers with information regarding where they can find the source of the writer's inspiration. Its value as an acknowledgement relates to how the writer needs to put across his or her appreciation in regard to the sources that he or she used. In the academic world writers can only function by using sources and this is largely what keeps this

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