The Importance of Classroom Design in Communication

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Design shapes the world we live in and often influences the ways in which we behave in certain settings. From a young age, we are taught to behave according to certain social standards, and one of the primary methods with which we display these behaviours is through communication. From birth, humans must learn to communicate to get what they want and express their emotions. Although a lot of basic communication skills are taught at home, further development is taught at school to ensure certain standards are met so that young children will grow up to successfully fit in among society. These standards do not just exist on the curriculum level, but extend beyond that to the very space in which the curriculum is taught: classrooms are designed to be the ultimate learning environment, stimulating learning on every level. The design of a classroom can influence the way that children interpret information given to them, as well as the way that they apply their knowledge afterwards.

Children and teachers alike use different methods of communication within a classroom. “Language is used by teachers to manage their classrooms, determine rules and routines and ensure children are aware of their expectations” (I CAN, 2008). Children use communication to practice what they have been taught, to express emotions, and ask questions. These are just some reasons for communicating in a classroom. There are different methods employed to achieve communication in a classroom and each are used
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