The Importance of College Education

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The decision of whether or not to attend college can be difficult, especially given the tremendous costs associated with tuition, books, and campus living. Moreover, getting a good job or earning an attractive income is not necessarily guaranteed with a college degree. The decision of whether or not to attend college must come from within, and must transcend thoughts about money. For me, going to college represents a genuine personal feat. There are three main reasons why college education is important to me. First, I would be the first person in my generation to receive a higher education. My going to college therefore represents a new precedent in my family. Second, I love learning and want the opportunity to expand my personal and academic horizons. Third, the career path I have embarked on is one that requires a college education in order to succeed. Therefore, a college education is important to me because of personal and professional reasons. As the first generation of college-educated individuals in my family, I would be setting a positive precedent for future generations. I want to be a role model to my children and grandchildren, motivating them to achieve their goals. My going to college would be an important step in helping my family achieve upward social mobility. Furthermore, I would be making my parents proud. They would know that their hard work had paid off, as their daughter was able to attend college and achieve lofty career goals. Pleasing my parents and

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