The Importance of Continuity of Services in Emergency Management Planning

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Emergency Management Planning Introduction objective of this study is to identify an important aspect of an Emergency Management Plan. It is the position of this writer that 'continuity of services' is the most important aspect of the Emergency Management plan. I. Emergency Management Planning A ten-step approach to continuity planning is reported to be inclusive of the following ten steps: (1) Conduct risk assessment; (2) protect staff and patrons; (3) Creation of procedures that ensure core services continuity; (4) Creation of procedures to ensure core materials are able to be accessed; (5) Development of a mutual aid agreement; (6) Proactive planning for rescue and recovery of valuable materials; (7) develop a communication plan; (8) Know how to obtain assistance from the outside; (9) Develop a Prep for Service Continuity; and (10) Be prepared and make sure that everyone responsible for service continuity is ready to respond. (NN/LM Emergency Preparedness & Response Toolkit, 2012) It is reported by Illinois State University in its Emergency Management Plan (EMP) that continuity of services is of primary importance during emergency management response. Stated specifically is that the "the ability of the university to recover from an emergency will depend primarily upon the efforts of individual departments toward the development of effective business continuity plans. These plans are designed to outline how departments will continue to provide their
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