The Importance of Delegation

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The importance of Delegation Delegation is a way to appropriately and consistently provide direction to a staff. By delegating properly, managers can teach employees new skills and expertise to help them to be more productive and instill a sense of self-reliance, improving morale and motivation (Wikipedia, 2006). As a manager, you must assess your staff’s current abilities and their potential to accept and complete assignments through established guidelines. A manager must know how to plan and coordinate a variety of activities and how to monitor progress. Delegation brings into play many management functions planning, organizing, coordinating, motivating, communicating, and leading. Setting goals while delegating can be beneficial to…show more content…
It’s important to understand why a manager is reluctant to delegate so that the individual can face those weak areas. There are times a manager may feel the transfer of a task involves a certain degree of risk. As a manager your staff may also be thinking about the risk; they are afraid they may be criticized if they should fail. As a manager you could be reluctant to delegate because you are afraid the employee may make mistakes or that they think it takes to much time to delegate. The manager may feel that completing the task themselves would be more efficient or feel they would lose control if they delegate. When overcoming this weakness a manager should try to start off by choosing projects or tasks carefully to make sure they are balancing the risk with the potential rewards. This will prepare the manager for greater responsibility and higher levels of experience. The manager could give the project or assignment to an employee who they feel can get it done with little or no direction at all. They may have to educate their staff on the task to be completed, but in the long run the manager will be able to pass work to others with little guidance at all. The manger could also sit down and work out a plan of action as to how they plan on delegating the tasks and assignments. Planning out tasks or projects to be completed and how the manger will organize those things will help the manger visualize the processes to get the job done. The plan could include who
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